Cup of Tea (Poem inspired by “You So Dumb” by Tank & The Bangas)

I'm two cubes of sugar when you take it with three I'm not your cup of tea You can tell me, my heart on my sleeve I'm not convenience I'm glass wear from dusty pantry shelves Not a paper cup with a cardboard sleeve Not packaged mesh baggies I'm loose leaf No tap water I'm... Continue Reading →


The Fighting Type (A Story)

Not all of us were the fighting type. Some of us just wanted to survive. He was a fighter, Able. Anything said to him that he didn't like, he would make sure you knew he didn't like it. Sometimes, with a simple yawn or stretch, he would make his indignation known. Other times, he would raise... Continue Reading →

Hungry Men (a poem)

  I tried to ignore him and his slithering and his conversation But his words felt predatory And I felt bitten By a man whose thirst was aggravated One who was hungry for things reserved normally for innocence and melancholy. I felt like I had been bitten by a pet I once cared for A... Continue Reading →

Toxic Friends in Your Tribe?

The concept of having a "Tribe" has been a topic of discussion in my life lately. Even this Sunday at church, Pastor preached about knowing your tribe and how to form it. I started writing this article weeks ago but figured now was the perfect time to release it.  I recently had to end an... Continue Reading →

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