Managing Emotional Overloads

I'm no expert but when it comes to managing emotions but I think I've got a little insight. I'll keep it brief. Below are my 5 tips to handling emotional overloads. Acknowledge: The biggest failures people experience when dealing with anĀ emotional overload is not acknowledging what it is. The situation has effected your feels. Don't... Continue Reading →

The Roots ( A Poem)

This love is messy Us, trying to love each other, while being the remnants of blackness While being the literal edge of an understanding at its breaking point Loving through loveless fathers and broken mothers Loving around each other like we're still in cotton fields Like we can't rescue each other if we fall Like... Continue Reading →

I Was Sexually Assaulted … yesterday.

Artist Unknown Disclaimer: I've been debating writing about this ordeal because it requires me to be more vulnerable than I'm comfortable with. (It took me days to write this.) However, every time I sit down to type about another topic, this is the one that wants to be written about first. The reality is, no... Continue Reading →

I Sexted! (Confession Time)

I met him at the grocery store. A fairly normal spot to meet a person I think. We exchanged numbers and talked every day. He was nice. Kinda bland when it came to creative fun but was a great conversationalist and a perfect gentlemen on dates. We often talked into all hours of the night... Continue Reading →

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