At This Current Moment…

‚ÄčAt this current moment, I'm eating some rainbow sherbet. It's orange, lime, and raspberry flavored; I believe it's a healthy alternative to ice cream. I freaking adore ice cream! I'm also listening to In Common by Alicia Keys. I haven't liked A. Keys since her CD Songs in A Minor but I freaking love this... Continue Reading →

The Commencement

If you asked me how this would go, this being me committing to daily blogging, I could give you a richly profound answer. I suppose this crafting of words, logic and intellect could all be boiled down to one simple truth: I bullshit. Yeah, I can easily slice answers out of my vast know-how and... Continue Reading →

This Lack You Speak Of

Complain. It's something I won't do. I mean I will, but I like to tell myself I won't. Because I was raised that "do to others what you would want done to you." And since I don't want to hear complaints, am not genuine when concerned about your complaints or tight lipped at expressing my... Continue Reading →

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