My Earnestly Thinking Optimistically Obtuse (It’s an acronym)

1. He was such a particular man but I've always liked that nerdy type. I positioned myself in places were I knew he would be and one day he noticed me. Our first date, we went out for milkshakes. I thought he got me the large size to impress me but it was because he... Continue Reading →


Pavement: A Poem

Feet, I am used to I prefer them, no shoes no socks Free falling and dancing Rain wetting but never soaking Creating the sound of African drums They vibrate from soul to sole Soles from souls seeking to live longer or breath lighter or Exist easier Are candy to my sweet tooth I am happy... Continue Reading →

The Fighting Type (A Story)

Not all of us were the fighting type. Some of us just wanted to survive. He was a fighter, Able. Anything said to him that he didn't like, he would make sure you knew he didn't like it. Sometimes, with a simple yawn or stretch, he would make his indignation known. Other times, he would raise... Continue Reading →

Hungry Men (a poem)

  I tried to ignore him and his slithering and his conversation But his words felt predatory And I felt bitten By a man whose thirst was aggravated One who was hungry for things reserved normally for innocence and melancholy. I felt like I had been bitten by a pet I once cared for A... Continue Reading →

The Roots ( A Poem)

This love is messy Us, trying to love each other, while being the remnants of blackness While being the literal edge of an understanding at its breaking point Loving through loveless fathers and broken mothers Loving around each other like we're still in cotton fields Like we can't rescue each other if we fall Like... Continue Reading →

For Mike Brown

You are status quo randomized You are dreams undreamed imagined You are regular and supernatural You are a controversy and a cause Boys like you Brown boys with secret stories and Predictability Mean the world to us You do everything they said you wouldn't and you would You make us dance Tip toe thru bits... Continue Reading →

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