I Was Sexually Assaulted … yesterday.

Artist Unknown Disclaimer: I've been debating writing about this ordeal because it requires me to be more vulnerable than I'm comfortable with. (It took me days to write this.) However, every time I sit down to type about another topic, this is the one that wants to be written about first. The reality is, no... Continue Reading →

I Sexted! (Confession Time)

I met him at the grocery store. A fairly normal spot to meet a person I think. We exchanged numbers and talked every day. He was nice. Kinda bland when it came to creative fun but was a great conversationalist and a perfect gentlemen on dates. We often talked into all hours of the night... Continue Reading →

Silence is… (Story Time!)

Pretty early in my previous relationship, I realized my boyfriend and I could not communicate. He, like me, was a poet and while I laid my words out- calculated like a math problem often saying things too harshly- he preferred to paint his statements using colorful language and flowery metaphors that often resulted in me... Continue Reading →

A Story About A Time…

​Being a kid, I remember saying "I'm depressed" as a snarky remark when people asked why I had an attitude or what I was pouting about. I famously had an attitude up through my early adult years. I was always pretty accurate with expressing my emotions or whatever I was feeling. It often exhausted me... Continue Reading →

The Boy Who Broke My Heart ….

In 4th grade, I dated a boy who had a pretty smile. He was shorter than me but he seemed special and I was excited to call him my first boyfriend. In middle school, I dated a guy other girls didn't like. And because other boys didn't like me, I thought we made sense together.... Continue Reading →

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