Toxic Friends in Your Tribe?

The concept of having a "Tribe" has been a topic of discussion in my life lately. Even this Sunday at church, Pastor preached about knowing your tribe and how to form it. I started writing this article weeks ago but figured now was the perfect time to release it.  I recently had to end an... Continue Reading →

Managing Emotional Overloads

I'm no expert but when it comes to managing emotions but I think I've got a little insight. I'll keep it brief. Below are my 5 tips to handling emotional overloads. Acknowledge: The biggest failures people experience when dealing with an emotional overload is not acknowledging what it is. The situation has effected your feels. Don't... Continue Reading →

I Sexted! (Confession Time)

I met him at the grocery store. A fairly normal spot to meet a person I think. We exchanged numbers and talked every day. He was nice. Kinda bland when it came to creative fun but was a great conversationalist and a perfect gentlemen on dates. We often talked into all hours of the night... Continue Reading →

It’s About Time! And I’m late!

Being late is one of the worst habitual traits a person can have. It's plain old disrespectful to show up late to an event that requires a strict schedule or that the planner has put major effort into. I understand there are exceptions like being fashionably late or CP Time events. But there are other... Continue Reading →

Silence is… (Story Time!)

Pretty early in my previous relationship, I realized my boyfriend and I could not communicate. He, like me, was a poet and while I laid my words out- calculated like a math problem often saying things too harshly- he preferred to paint his statements using colorful language and flowery metaphors that often resulted in me... Continue Reading →

A Different World

It's almost 11pm and I'm wide awake watching episodes of A Different World. If you ever watched it, you know why! As a kid, I wanted to be Whitley Gilbert. I wanted a best friend like Kimberly Reece, a crew like Ron, Freddie, and Jaleesa, and a one true love like Dwayne Celophus Wayne!!!!! Even now... Continue Reading →

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