The Fighting Type (A Story)

Not all of us were the fighting type. Some of us just wanted to survive. He was a fighter, Able. Anything said to him that he didn't like, he would make sure you knew he didn't like it. Sometimes, with a simple yawn or stretch, he would make his indignation known. Other times, he would raise... Continue Reading →

Hungry Men (a poem)

  I tried to ignore him and his slithering and his conversation But his words felt predatory And I felt bitten By a man whose thirst was aggravated One who was hungry for things reserved normally for innocence and melancholy. I felt like I had been bitten by a pet I once cared for A... Continue Reading →

Toxic Friends in Your Tribe?

The concept of having a "Tribe" has been a topic of discussion in my life lately. Even this Sunday at church, Pastor preached about knowing your tribe and how to form it. I started writing this article weeks ago but figured now was the perfect time to release it.  I recently had to end an... Continue Reading →

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